About Me - Steven Squires Photography

I've read that the "About Me" section is the most important part of a website. This is where we as photographers are supposed to woo potential clients with long strings of en vogue cliche's and hip buzz phrases such as "passion", "creative vision", and "en vogue" (one down!). But I'm not much of a salesman, so let me tell you what it is that I do.

I am a lighting product developer by day, photographer by, well, whenever I get the chance! My day job has forced me to learn more about lighting than the average photographer, which is what differentiates my work from many others. I know how to harness natural light, and I'm not afraid to bring in my own lights when the shot requires it. This acquired knowledge gives me the confidence and ability to create virtually any image my clients want.

I'll photograph anything that interests me, and that has led me down several different paths with contrasting styles. I've shot for newspapers, NCAA athletics, corporate headshots, actors headshots, lifestyle portraits, engagements, weddings, and even babies (they're messy...). My photography has taken me all throughout the United States, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, and even China.  

I've been fortunate enough to study under some very successful mentors and have had the opportunity to mentor others. I've gone through the same artistic phases as many photographers in search of a "creative vision" through over-editing, only to look back years later and say, "yeesh...". side note: nobody should EVER use selective color black and white... so 2008! 

Everything we do in life defines who we are. We learn from our mistakes and our successes (just ask me about the Bentley shot.). As long as we are constantly working to mold ourselves into a better version of the person we were yesterday, we will thrive. But most importantly, we can't lose sight of our "passion".

... and now that I've used all of the buzz words, I bid you all adieu! Drop me a line in the contacts page for pricing, availability, and all that jazz!

Best Regards,

          Steven Squires